Thanksgiving Thoughts

Feelin' it

Life is not exactly according to plan…still…there are so many reasons to say “Thanks!

Hug everything and everyone you have!

I’m THANKFUL that —

  • I haven’t done anything embarrassing…. lately
  • I don’t have a hospital shift on Thanksgiving
  • Over 6,290 Facebook Fans are rooting for me.
  • I’m getting my act together
  • My Dad invited me to go skiing after Christmas so now I won’t have to stress about New Year’s Eve
  • Pilot season is almost here
  • Certain Casting Directors are still calling me in
  • I’m helping in the hospital instead of being there with a family member
  • I can sell my old clothes on Ebay and buy some cute new ones
  • Today’s blue sky is extra clear
  • My Family and Friends are healthy
  • I live in L.A. and get to run on the beach in November
  • I’m not a turkey
  • A certain doctor….
(and if you’re reading this, I’m really thankful for you!)


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