“Social” Media?

connected or dis?

connected or disconnected?

I should really feel popular right now.

I’ve got:

But, no matter how plugged in I am, the phone never rings…

Am I just the sum of my likes and comments?

Why with all this connecting do I feel less connected?

Do you miss the days when you could tell someone something and it wouldn’t be blasted all over the Internet? I do. It was called a Secret.

It’s weird that we’re getting used to limiting our thoughts to 140 characters, right? We could all go a little deeper and say a lot more. Or are we afraid Attention Spans have gotten too short and no one will listen? (Wait– are you listening? Exactly!)

When was the last time you received a hand-written letter? Can’t remember can you? So sad.

What if LOVE LETTERS become extinct?

What will we save in our attics? Thumb drives?

Does “Social” Media really make us social-able, or does it disable us socially?

Remember…. Intimacy?

POOF! Right?

I’m gonna go write Niles a real letter. He just lost his boyfriend and can use some Evie love… (Wait– how much postage does it take for a letter these days? I just realized I have no idea.)

Does Social Media make you feel more connected or less? Lemme know in the comments. Thx!

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4 responses to ““Social” Media?”

  • Kelsey:

    I just wrote a real letter to my friend and I had forgotten how much postage it takes to send a letter. I had to call and ask my mom (: how silly!

    • Evie...:

      I know — it’s so weird. I feel like it goes up every time I send something.

  • I know. Social media is great, but it’s also putting a lot of things to rest. I send my boyfriend, in the mail, a handwritten card every week. Of course, he lives across the country. He writes me handwritten things as well and they’re so special! I hope we never let those old fashioned things die in our relationship!

    • Evie...:

      Awww — Luv that romance still lives! It’s nice to have something tangible to hold onto ‘specially when you’re far away from each other. Plus now you have mementos to show your teenage daughter someday…

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