seeing things differently

We all see what we want to see. Our PERSPECTIVE or POV is our reality. And it’s a unique reality, because we look at things in a way that is different from the way others do. Yeah, obviously we see some things in common, and generally associate with others who see things sorta the way we do. But when it comes right down to it: “It is what it is” to each of us and not exactly that way to everyone else.

Sometimes we get stuck in our own POV and it keeps us from growing or moving on. My Dad always says,

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

This helps for the few minutes you’re concentrating on it. But we tend to revert back to: “yes, but….” mode, and the drama continues…b

The way we see things karmically becomes the reality, because we react in a way that makes things so. My frenemy “B  tends to think the whole world is out to get her, as she walks around with a chip on her shoulder. She eliminates those close to her, one-by-one in her blame-game. But there’s always the next person to blame. Those around her feel hurt and misunderstood and start behaving that way… and the cycle continues…


The best thing we can do is to keep trying to see things from different perspectives and instead of auto-reacting, step away from the situation and breathe in a different POV.

We already know what we think. Let’s take a sec to understand how somebody else thinks. It might not bring world peace, but it just might bring personal peace.

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