12 Cool Christmas Finds under $50

etsy.com to the rescue

etsy.com to the rescue

It’s a weird holiday season. Instead of wrapping presents to the sound of Christmas carols, I’m listening to CNN. In this happy/sad time, feeling joyous is a challenge with so much uncertainty in the world. But it’s the middle of December and if we’re lucky we’re making or buying presents for those we love.

For your own WISH LIST —

express your feelings

express your feelings


One-Click Shopping — 

  1. Handpainted Ornaments (balls that say it all) @$15.00
  2. Graffiti Notepads (from Paul Smith, London) @$10.00
  3. Italian Platters Priced Right (for anyone with a cool kitchen) @$29.00 (and $39.00 on the site)
  4. French Wrapping Paper (ooh la la) @$8.00
  5. Candlestick Candle (for those extra-big wishes)  @$42.00
  6. Lip Balm (be kissable under the mistletoe) @28.00
  7. Graphite Writing Tool (for the creatives in your life) @33.00
  8. Colorful Coasters (to help anyone feel festive) @$21
  9. Tag Light (we all want to feel safer) @$20.00
  10. Best Bicycle Bell (make noise when you need to) @$20.00
  11. Bullet Space Pen (for any emergency) @$25.00
  12. Temp Tats Kit (for those who aren’t into rash decisions) @$10



let worries melt away...

let worries melt away so you can find your ho ho ho 😉


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