Italy: Searching for Restaurants, Great Finds and George Clooney

protection from the paparazzi

Finding the Funny in Italy —

In the short time I’ve been in Lake Como,


  • couldn’t get the car in reverse and had to be pushed
  • encountered a bus and lost my side mirror
  • boarded the wrong train, twice
  • went to the wrong restaurant and unknowingly took someone’s reservation
  • got a rope stuck in a boat motor and got stuck with a big charge

Good Times!  (but it’s what memories are made of, right?) Meanwhile, I’ve also made some —

Awesome Discoveries

water view of George's villa

After hearing that George Clooney and his girlfriend broke up, I just happened to discover the location of his villa on my morning walk. My first clue was seeing two Paparrazzi hanging out behind a big black gate. My second clue was seeing a parade of glamorous blonds with snug white jackets over glittery tops and tight white jeans circling on mopeds. My third (and best) clue was when I was in a water taxi and the driver Ricardo showed me where George’s house, office and guest house were.

George's office and guest house


The next day a cute Italian named Simone invited me to dine at Aquadolce, a hot spot near hot George. It was belissima and deliciousa, but not quite as fabulousa as it would’ve been with George. Ahahaha!

hot spot near hot George

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