A W K W A R D.  is my latest TV addiction!

high school humiliation

And on MTV – who knew? 

It’s about a girl who becomes popular for the worst reasons

OK, yeah – I know I know. So that’s partially why I “get” JENNA and (need to) learn from her as she “acts” calmer than she feels in the red face of disaster. But, even if we weren’t on an embarrassing parallel universe — if we’d been in high school together, we would’ve bonded.  And yeah, I can SO imagine Jenna living my life ten years from now (sorry, girlfriend but I’ll teach you how to modify the fugly outfit.) Yep. SOULMATES.

The writing’s smart and authentic. It’s kinda “My-So-Called-Life-ish“ — charmingly painful and painfully charming. I love that Jenna’s friends and frenemies aren’t cookie-cutterish. Like SADIE (short for “sadistic?”) –– I mean, she looks more Rosie O’Donnell than your typical high school she-devil, but was clearly trained in bitchery by Blair Waldorf!

Luvluvluv guidance counselor VALERIE, as she tries to best-bud Jenna into revealing her deepest and darkest. And don’t get me started on MATTY McKibben (Jenna’s Dr. A). Seriously, in the last moments of Episode 2, “Knocker Nightmare” Matty kinda channels the “best of” Jordan Catalano and Ben Covington (thump thump).

Um yeah, Matty had me at –

I was tryin’.

Speaking of tryin’ – Try to watch AWKWARD. as soon as you possibly can!

You’ll FIND THE FUNNY as Jenna attempts to overcome her embarrassment and survive high school —

Kinda like me finding the funny as I attempt to overcome my embarrassment and survive…well…EVERYTHING!












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13 responses to “AWKWARD.”

  • […] socially she’s still stuck in high school. Move on, girl, it’s 2011. Life doesn’t have to be AWKWARD! for the rest of our lives. Does […]

  • Kate:

    Adding to my TiVo! Thx for the rec!

    • Evie...:

      you’ll love it! trust me!

  • Kelly:

    thanks for the recommendation evie! thanks to you, i just watched awkward and i love it!

    • Evie...:

      soooo glad! i’m addicted!

  • Scott la Rock:

    Super dig it!

    • Evie...:

      thanks! ITA!

  • mattInLA:

    Show’s really good. Must agree. I think Ashley Rickards is going to be huge. Happy someone else agrees with me on this show.

    • Evie...:

      I knooooow — she doesn’t even seem like she’s acting, she’s soooooo Jenna. I also love the guidance counselor Desi Lydic (Valerie) — a total riot!

  • Great review Evie! I have been wondering about that show and now I definitely want to check it out. Thanks!


    • Evie...:

      Definitely check it out. Especially “Knocker Nightmare!”

  • Mike:

    You’re awesome Evie! Always enjoy reading about you finding the funny 🙂

    • Evie...:

      Right back at you, Mike. Finding the funny is easy, whenever you’re around. Thanks for reading : )

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