7 New Year’s Superstitions: For GOOD LUCK in 2016

positive thinking!

positive thinking!

Every year I post New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Superstitions but enough with the scary!  2015 has been depressing and difficult enough with long wars, wicked winds and long-winded wicked politicians. Let’s focus on super simple superstitions that are POSITIVE and bring GOOD LUCK only.

Now break out the kale, coins and cash because…

GOOD LUCK will come to you if you  —

  1. Hang lemons in doorways to keep good energy flowing and ward away bad spirits.
  2. Are happy when you close out the old year. It’ll set the tone for the new year.
  3. Wear something new on January 1st to increase the likelihood of getting new garments in the year to follow. Polka dots and anything round signifies prosperity.
  4. Turn on the lights so the coming year is bright.
  5. Put money in your pockets on New Year’s Eve to make sure you have plenty in the coming year.
  6. Eat leafy veggies like cabbage, collard greens, mint, kale, spinach for health and wealth.
  7. Place coins on your window sill for good fortune in 2016.
I've already got mine ready!

Mine are already on the sill!

May your 2016 be HAPPY and SAFE!

Now where’d I put my polka dot socks and my Whole Foods gift card… ?


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