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more hugs less hate

more hugs less hate

The world is freaking me out! Anxiety levels are at an all time high. Between the pathetic and polarizing politics of Presidential campaigns, gun control debates and less-than-safe safety practices on college campuses, there’s no way to get relief.  Can you imagine being in Orlando right now with all of the tragedy? Haters of love, death at Disney World, a singer gets stalked:  Extremism, Alligators, Stalkers, Mosquitoes… it’s all too much.

Is Any Place Safe?

There’s no way to know what to be afraid of, so we might as well not be afraid of anything. I mean when Anton Yelchin gets killed in his own driveway by his own car, it makes you think why worry? We have no control.

Whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen. We can’t predict when or why. If it’s our time, it’s our time.

Making The World Better

So let’s embrace each moment. And try to understand each other. And appreciate all that is good, and change what is bad.

It’s really the weirdest time I’ve ever experienced.  Hospital crushes and booking a job seem so insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

If only we could all just dance together…

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