Proud of my Hospital / Embarrassed by my Country

It’s Amateur Hour in the White House as our new President blusters through his first week, one-impulse-at-a-time. The news causes so much stress and embarrassment, I find myself spending more time at the hospital volunteering in the ER to try to make up for the arrogant behavior coming from our highest office. When I can’t listen to the news a moment longer, I go to the the one place where I can treat people from all over the world fairly and kindly and at the very least show that we’re not all like Donald Trump.

Trump White House vs. The ER

  • Trump & Team are winging it.  In the ER, Doctors work swiftly, but medical decisions are carefully thought out.
  • Trump ignores Congress, but listens to his pals for advice. In the ER, protocols are strictly followed. Doctors run tests and consult specialists, informing Patients throughout the process.
  • Trump follows his impulses (without properly vetting his ideas with experts and Congress.) In the ER, Doctors take time to go through proper channels so they can make well-informed decisions.
  • Trump and his Team try to rule with intimidation unilaterally. In the ER, life-and-death decisions are discussed carefully and with everyone involved.
  • Trump makes self-serving choices (none of the countries on the banned list happen to have a Trump Hotel.) In the ER Doctors focus on what’s best for the Patient.



As crazy as some of our hospital staff make me (like Triage Nurse, Anthony Chan, and my supervisor Charlayne) I never question motives, because they are rooted in what’s best for the Patients. The truth is always told. If only I could say the same thing about our new President.

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Sentenced to volunteer at Greater L.A. Medical (GLAM!) Hospital... I'm on-call in my worst nightmare -- ?!
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