Protecting Ourselves With Prejudice

get away from me!

“Get away from me!”

I don’t remember much about going to Sunday School other than it was kinda boring and something I was forced to do when I would’ve had way more fun hanging out with my friends or at the very least with my pillow on Sunday mornings. But lately with all of the hate-talk from Trump and the glaring racial injustice broadcast on every news station, email alert, hashtag and newspaper I’m reminded of something my Sunday School Teachers drummed into my uninterested brain —

“Prejudice is Fear.

It’s a definition I’d never heard before or after, but it stayed with me all these years.

Right now it rings truer than ever as —

  • Donald the demagogue appeals to the emotions, fears and ignorance of uneducated Americans so he can gain power and promote his political motives.
  • Police rookies unintentionally racial profile and shoot-first-think-later.
  • Law-abiding citizens and families are being targeted because of their ethnicity or religion.
  • Many of us avoid crowds, planes, civic and sports events in order to stay safe.
  • We resist protecting the rights of others, worrying that it will diminish our own rights.

The Presidential Primary is Narrowing Minds —

How depressing it is that a presidential candidate can make fun of Muslims, Mexicans, the physically-disadvantaged and women and he can get supporters to laugh.

This xenophobic moment in history is so not funny — it’s just plain sad.

... or how stupid they are.

… or how stupid they are.

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