Annoying Accidents

OMG! I’m such a KLUTZ!

find the funny even when it hurts

Before my 1:00 shift today I thought I could squeeze in a mani|pedi. (Wrong!) I was excited to look my best for my meeting tonight at Craigs with a up-and-coming Writer/Director. Apparently I miscalculated.

Upsettingly, the whole process took longer than usual (How would I know Nail Spa Lane would be busy on a Monday?) Realizing I was LATE, I ran through the alley, and hopped over a planter, but my flip flop got caught on the ledge and I landed face-down on the pavement. OUCH!

A sweet parking lot attendant helped me up and asked me if I was okay in Spanish (at least I think that’s what he said.) Everything ached as I limped away in total embarrassment. When I got to my car I cringed as I looked into the rear-view mirror because the right side of my face was reddish and swollen. Still I had hope.

When I got to the ER, Anthony the Triage Nurse took one look and was actually nice to me for once.

My trip down “Ungraceful Lane”  got me:

  • A skinned right knee
  • A bruised left leg
  • A sprained right foot
  • A bruised right shoulder
  • A cut above my right eyebrow
  • A swollen, scraped cheek
  • the beginning of  (s#@t!) a black eye

Thankfully nothing was broken. I didn’t need stitches by my eye.  My hot E.R.Doc showed me his best bedside manner —  cleaning my wounds, bandaging my knee, wrapping my foot for support.  He slipped me some extra cold packs (sooo romantic – ahaha!) and told my supervisor Charlayne that I needed to have a few days off to recuperate.

Cast as “Klutzilla” in my very own HORROR MOVIE —

— I had to (boo hoo) cancel the meeting with the Writer|Director. (My agent said the character he’s looking for is NOT a battered woman!)

Oh well —  guess I’ll go buy some cute dark glasses and start my recuperation at Starbucks.

Living the dream…

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