DIY Trick or Treat

Hole-y Halloween

Feeling a little HAUNTED by a current lack of SOMETHING?  (Should I blame the lack of attention from a certain doctor on the SHAKING EARTH — my lack of Auditions or FRANKENSTORM?)

“Too Much Time on our Hands” can be SCARY!

If you’re like me and too-in-your-head you might be able to TRICK YOURSELF with these GOOFY PROJECTS.  Oh no! I can see you’re already giving me the “UCH!” face — okay sure, maybe it’s a little lame but it’ll be funnnnn! And you’ll make people SMILE : ) Plus, with everything so expensive Halloween-wise, you’ll be glad to know these ideas are inexpensive (at the most you’ll need to run to CVS) — some are free if you have the stuff.  So get out your drill and glowsticks and give yourself some TREATS. 

go out on a limb

HANDS-DOWN FAVORITE: Fill a latex-free glove with water and freeze before floating it in cranberry juice OR do it in reverse for a bloody hand effect (freeze the cranberry juice and float it in water).

eye those discarded TP rolls

WATCHFUL EYES: Cut-out eyes in your discarded TP holders, fill each one with a glow stick and stick a bunch in the bushes.

if it doesn’t feel too cheezy…

HALLOWEEN QUESADILLA: While you’ve got that knife out for your pumpkin, carve the top tortilla.

the more you glow the easier it gets

BOO BALLOONS: Stick glowsticks in white balloons and make faces with a marker.


(Please share your ideas too! I’m sure you’ve got ’em!)

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