2013-14 PILOT SEASON – I’m Over it!


This is the first Pilot Season where I’m just not invested.  Trying to figure out why.  More and more, it feels like the business side is overruling the creative side with FORMULAS being the FOCUS and that depresses me. It’s all about WHO THE NETWORKS WANT TO BE IN BUSINESS WITH – big name directors, big name talent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but the emphasis on big name talent has changed Pilot Season for Actors like me. There are fewer and fewer opportunities if your name isn’t big.


And with all of the second-guessing and recasting, it’s even more stressful and exhausting. That’s part of it, but things just haven’t seemed the same since they stopped printing DAILY VARIETY. I miss my hard copies! I miss reading them leisurely over lattes and I miss caring about any of it!

I’m thinking about getting into MUSIC or FASHION or PHOTOGRAPHY – anything other than Acting, because living from one Pilot Season to the next SUCKS!


but while we’re on the subject… COMEDIES IN CONTENTION include:

SUPER FUN NIGHT (ABC) isn’t quite where they want it to be, but they don’t want to lose Rebel Wilson (because face it, we all like to root for her), so it still has a fighting chance.

ABOUT A BOY (NBC) has so much going for it, I don’t see how it can miss. Jason Katims can do no wrong in my book and I love-love-love David Walton (Bent, New Girl). Add Minnie Driver in the Toni Colette role, Jon Favreau as the Director and need I go on?

THE CRAZY ONES (CBS) might be Robin Williams next Mork and Sara Michelle Gellar’s next Buffy. It’s by creator/producer David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal, Boston Legal) with one of my favorite comedians, Hamish Linklater (Old Christine). Hearing good things.

UNTITLED MIKE SCHUR COP COMEDY (FOX) with one of my favorite SNLers Andy Samburg, plus Andre Braugher, Joe Lo Truglio and Terry Crews is from the creators of Parks and Recreation, Michael Schur and Dan Goor.  It’s getting good buzz.

Chuck Lorre’s MOM (CBS) is as close to a sure thing as it gets. Bill Lawrence’s UNDATEABLE (NBC) is looking good and Greg Garcia has two shows in the race, with the multi-cam looking stronger.


Even if these shows manage to get picked up and highlighted at the UPFRONTS, they still have an uphill battle, because shows are given about a 3 episode chance before they go POOF! NEXT!

Why did I ever think becoming an ACTOR was a good idea?

Time to go to YOGA. Maybe I’ll become a YOGA INSTRUCTOR.

Kill me now!!!



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2 responses to “2013-14 PILOT SEASON – I’m Over it!”

  • Mike:

    i concur…. :/

    • Evie...:

      i know, i know…

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