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Accepting the NOT MEANT TO BE

in the end

How do we know if we need to work harder for something we really want or if it’s time to give up, time to let go? That’s a tough question, because when we’re in the middle of it – like a career we think we’re right for, but stuck halfway up a very high hill —  or a… Keep reading Accepting the NOT MEANT TO BE

Done with the DRAMA

Why is every molehill such a major mountain? Keep reading Done with the DRAMA

ER: Sweet Expectations

When you feel appreciated, you feel like doing more… Keep reading ER: Sweet Expectations

COURAGE: The True Superheroes

The subject of COURAGE fascinates me… Keep reading COURAGE: The True Superheroes

20 Spring Resolutions

Spring is a great time to renew and reboot! Keep reading 20 Spring Resolutions

Part 1: Doctors Say The Dumbest Things

Honestly — I can’t make this stuff up! Keep reading Part 1: Doctors Say The Dumbest Things

Obama Rocks!

It has been a while since I’ve been proud of an American President. Keep reading Obama Rocks!

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