Want it? Be it!

the heart of temptation

what are you tempted to try?

Searching for AWESOMENESS?


Not just today –


Want a change?

Mix things up.

Need more passion?
(Put your heart in it!)

Want more glitter?
(Sparkle plenty!)

Can’t hear the music?
(Sing soulfully!)

Feeling off?
(Find your rhythm!)

Out of touch?
(Help anyone!)

A different perspective?
(Wear rosey shades!)

World too discombulated?
(Feng Shui your life!)

(How will you mix things up to get that change you want? Share in the comments)

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3 responses to “Want it? Be it!”

  • Great post.keep posting us this type of wonderful information.
    We always look forward towards your post.

  • I’ve been running…praying for people who have hurt me…stopping myself from complaining. So far it’s been so good.

    • Evie...:

      Leave the meanies in the mud and run toward those who’ll help you bloom into your best self. Sounds like you’re on the right path. xo!

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