Making Mistakes

At least I'm consistent!

At least I’m consistent!

Mistakes… we all make ’em.  We stress and horrible-ize about ’em BIG TIME — reprimanding ourselves relentlessly, wishing we could do-over, say-over whatever we are currently torturing ourselves about. We need an Ap for TAKING THINGS BACK! If only…


As life plays out in the foreground, our brain blames us in the background.  Recently I had a meeting with a team of Casting Directors at a major network and for some unexplainable reason at the end of it I hugged one of them instead of shaking her hand.  Granted I’d worked with her before, but after I left I couldn’t believe what a weird choice that was. Afterwards in the car I kept thinking about it — in the shower I kept thinking about it — as I tried to go to sleep, I kept thinking about it. Crazy, right?  And almost to the point of a migraine — over a hug. A dumb hug!

While volunteering in the ER I make mistakes (shhhhh!) like taking a patient to a room before it’s ready, or taking specimens to the wrong lab,  but the ones that bug me the most are the personal ones – the ones with certain staff members — one hot one in particular.  Like why in the world did I tease him about whatever he does every Thursday at 2:00? He looked at me like, “Why are we talking about this, and why do you even know about it?” (What’s the matter with you, Evie!)

How about a Do-over???

Life is (ugh) is not a rehearsal. We’ve gotta get it right on every take. But no one can do that, it’s impossible. Actors can’t in acting and livers can’t in life.

I’m trying now to think more and say less (ha!) but it’s not always easy.  Sometimes I just blurt stuff out automatically, instinctively, oddly…

But then sometimes the things I beat myself up about surprise me. Like, when I recently ran into the Head of Casting at a party and she said, “Everyone LOVED you at the meeting!” (“Really?)  Or yesterday in the Hospital parking lot where Dr. A started teasing me about what secret things I was going off to do. I mean he was actually smiling and, yes — I’d call it flirting!

When I stress over past stupid stuff with Niles he reminds me that people are less concerned with my mistakes than I am because they’re too busy worrying about themselves. Do you think that’s really true? Man, I hope so!

(How do you keep from stressing over stuff you’ve done? Would love to have some advice, thanks!)


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