Living in L.A. — More LOVE/HATE

Gotta admit, I’m LUCKY to live in L.A.

I can RUN ALONG THE BEACH any time I want —
I can BLAST MY MUSIC whenever I’m in my car —
and the weather is pretty RAD.

But let’s face it —
People tend to come down with “gridlock crabbiness” —
Being an Actor isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
And there must be something more interesting to talk about than Box Office or who the next American Idol Judges will be.

Things that bug me this week and it’s only Monday —

  • Non-stop news alerts about how well the DARK KNIGHT RISES is doing despite the tragedy (WRONG on so many levels!)
  • Too many trucks blocking my street (HONK! HONK!)
  • Carmageddon – Will it EVER be over? (me no think so!)
  • And what’s happened to MANNERS??  Today I try to help this kid at the carwash who forgot his wallet and instead of saying “thanks” he says, “But I’m leaving for Italy for two weeks and don’t want to worry about paying you back.” Whaaaa? (are MANNERS extinct?)

Things that make me happy this week —

And I’m starting to read and hear about early pilot pick-ups and deals-in-the-making. So… hope and opportunity seem to be right around the corner. As far as the traffic goes, I guess I’ll just start leaving an hour earlier. And as for Box Office, if I were in a hit movie right now, I’d probably care too.



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