LAUGHTER = Instant Gratification


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I was reminded the other day when I was tweeting @MikeCapozzi that the reason I love doing COMEDY is because I know if it’s working or not. No need to wait for feedback from the Casting Director. It becomes obvious. Like immediately.

Because in Comedy Auditions, you either get the laugh or you don’t. Even if the CD and producers have heard the line a million times before, if you deliver it right, they can’t hold the laugh in. And, the good thing about knowing is —  if it’s not working —  you can sometimes make quick adjustments and pull it out in time.

SMILES in Auditions are nice too, but you don’t always know what they mean —

Auditions for dramatic roles, are much harder to measure. Because if the CD is really nice (like I’ll bet Marci Liroff is — even though I haven’t met her)  he|she might be smiling anyway — or not smiling because the role is a serious one. In drama, you don’t always know if what you’re doing is working or not, until it’s too late. Like, when you DON’T get the Callback, ugh!

Once I actually made a CD cry in a dramatic audition because I was so convincing in the scene (where I found out my brother was killed). She actually had tears. The part ultimately went to a NAME, but I knew I nailed it, so I felt really good about it anyway.

If you think about it–

LAUGHTER & SMILES are INSTANT GRATIFICATION when it comes to most things in LIFE!

Usually. I’m not talking about when people make fun of others. That’s not what I mean. I mean, like when people have had a really rotten day where everything’s gone wrong — and you can get them to laugh or smile unexpectedly.  It’s a 2-way gift. They’re happy and you’re happy too.

“Instant Gratification Moments” for me include: —

When I…

  • get a patient to laugh or smile
  • get a crying child to stop
  • surprise someone with an unexpected compliment
  • remember something, someone thought I forgot
  • instinctively do just the right thing
  • help someone FIND THE FUNNY

There’s definitely a reason why they say:

Laughter is the best medicine…

It always always always has a way of making us FEEL BETTER!

What do you love about laughter? When does it give you INSTANT GRATIFICATION?

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