INFOLIST: Oh, the possibilities…

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Do you know about INFOLIST?

If you live in L.A. and you’re in or wanna be in: “The Business”– chances are you get emails from INFOLIST. It’s a free fun service that notifies you regularly about entertaining opportunities (NOT solicitations).

Right now for instance, you’ll see postings for—

  •  “fitness models wanted”
  • “everyday people who love to dance (with crazy dance moves) wanted for national telecom commercial — huge pay!”
  • “a Jeff Goldblum Concert”
  • “a red carpet party with the SONS OF ANARCHY cast”
  •  “casting opportunity for a newborn baby on PRIVATE PRACTICE” Man, actors are getting younger and younger! Soon they’ll be casting embryos!

You Never Know What You’ll Respond To —

I’m especially intrigued by:

People Who Want to Apologize – Casting non-Airing Pilot for New TV Show — Plus, Get a FREE Trip to New York!”

(um, what about IRENE?!)

I should click on that INFOLIST link and submit —

My list of candidates I’D LOVE TO SEE APOLOGIZE!

  1. that cute guy who asked for my number but never called!
  2. that adorable dress on sale that was a zillion sizes too big to buy!
  3. that casting director who called me back a million times but gave the job to the other girl!
  4. that zit that visited when they took the ER Volunteer Group Picture (so I didn’t go —  obvi!)
  5. that clerk who was talking on her cell while ringing me up… wrong!
  6. that streaming movie that stalled right before they were about to kiss!
  7. that bus driver that took up two lanes and made me late, again!
  8. that mean girl from college who thought I stole her bf even though they were on hiatus!

So if you haven’t checked out INFOLIST yet, definitely DO.  Whether you take them up on an opportunity or not, at least your emails will make you LOL!

P.S. I hope my younger self will apologize to me for saying that anyone who hasn’t won an Emmy by age 28 never will…

(Who should apologize to YOU? Or is it TOO LATE to apologize and WHY?)




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One response to “INFOLIST: Oh, the possibilities…”

  • God, I feel like I should be takin notes! Great work

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