In My Long Term Memory: SHORT TERM 12


heart-wrenching emotion

heart-wrenching emotion

Projects from personal experience connect us, move us, touch us universally. Destin Daniel Cretton’s Short Term 12 has all of the components of an unforgettable film – it makes you laugh, cry, feel and remember – long after the final credits.

The acting is so natural, it feels more like a documentary. It’s like we can read Brie Larson’s complicated mind as she struggles to maintain her reputation as “Grace All Mighty.” John Gallagher Jr.’s “Mason” (I knew I recognized him from somewhere – he’s Jim Harper in The Newsroom!) exudes a vulnerable warmth that’s rarely seen onscreen.

Bring Tissues!

If someone were to tell me that all of the teens in the Home are actually At-Risk Kids who’ve experienced OCD, depression, abandonment, abuse, you-name-it, I’d believe it. We feel their pain, share their triumphs, ache for them, root for them, keep thinking about them…keep thinking about them…keep thinking about them…

It’s obvious Destin Daniel Cretton has lived this experience in some way — his film is pure and from the heart. You’ll want to check out SHORT TERM 12 as soon as possible. Even sooner if possible! It’s A.MAZ.ING!

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