HOLIDAY WISH LIST: Fun Finds Under $50


I'd really love to be him!

I’d really love to be him!

I LOVE Holidays! I LOVE giving Presents. In the search for special for the “Specials” in my life, I feel like I’m searching for a beautiful shell on the beach that no one else has discovered. Yep, finding the perfect present is a challenge, but it’s a fun one. Try to listen to what people say when they discuss things they like, it’ll make things a lot easier. (Dr. A craves white chocolate, Mira smells like roses, my Dad’s really into cool socks.)  I love wrapping presents in fun creative ways (my first job ever was wrapping presents in high school at a drugstore in Brentwood, and I’ve been good at it ever since.)

But the paying part. Ugh! Everyone hates that. Ebay sales, residuals and being a temporary Temp help. But when that credit card bill arrives in January it just adds to the pressure of Pilot Season, reminding me:

You’ve GOTTA book a job, Evie!

So this year I’m baking presents, making presents, and recycling bags/boxes as much as I can. I have to buy few gifts though, so I’ve been searching the net for fun finds.



12 Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

  1. Christian Louboutin Nail Polish @$50 (when he designed the first red sole, he used nail polish! Truth!)
  2. 4-in-1 Travel Adapter from MOMA @$25.00 (for the gal or guy on the go)
  3. Bike Bookmark @L4.95 /approximately $7.75 (for the cyclist who likes to read)
  4. All-in-one Kitchen Tool Set from MOMA @ $40 (for the space-challenged)
  5. ½ Clocks in Colors @$31.32 by David Weatherband in the UK (for those who strive to be punctual)
  6. I love you” Tea Towel @$18.79 (a dishwashing incentive)
  7. Canning Jars filled with “Whatever 6 for $29.00 = $4.84 (sweets for your Sweet, nuts for your Nuts)
  8. European Floating Candles @$3.00 (romantic and they last longer than most romances)
  9. French Tassle Key Ring @$43.00 from Clare V (monogrammable and easy to find in a big bag)
  10. Alessi Uselen Paper Knife/Letter Opener @$31.00 (modern and cool)
  11. Diptyque Mini Candles @$30.00 (I know the perfect recipient for “Roses”!)
  12. Paul Smith Music Socks @$45.00 (for my Dad who’s musically-challenged  — don’t tell him I said that!)

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