Finding our PASSION: Finding the POINT

hope there's a point

hope there’s a point

Why am I doing this? Who knows why?

Trying to make it as an actor when most people fail.  Stressing myself out every step of the way.  Worrying if I’ll get the audition – worrying if I’ll look the part – worrying if I’ll get the part. Then what if I get it and the project’s not good, or even worse – what if I’m not good?

Is it Worth It?

Is the gain worth the pain – the late night Deejaying, the Temp jobs, the Uber-driving – just because Acting’s my passion? Is it really my passion or something I’ve had some success with? Am I holding on too tight to the encouraging words from CDs and Producers in my corner – the ones who say they’d love to work with me again when the right project comes along. Am I too little-too-late? Are my supporters and successes too few and far between?

Can I be passionate about something else? Maybe instead of putting all of my effort into what I think my passion is, it might be smarter to work on finding another passion. How does one find a passion? Through a Passionologist?

Volunteering in the ER —

And what’s the big lesson about Volunteering in the ER? At my very best there’s not much I can actually accomplish. Sure I can listen while patients vent. I can scramble for answers when family members worry. I can help doctors and nurses hustle when they’re over-worked and understaffed by expediting specimens to labs, making sure exam rooms are ready, being Johnny-on-the-spot to an old guy who needs a wheelchair or offering an icepack to someone who’s swelling. But is that enough? Does anyone notice when I leave?

Maybe the big lesson is that working in the ER makes me realize that I’m really lucky that struggling-with-my-passion is my biggest problem. Maybe all of the little parts in life add up to the big parts. Maybe the little hints along the way add up to the big answer.

Searching for Answers on PARENTHOOD —

Coincidentally on Parenthood right now Crosby and Adam Braverman are struggling with their passion, deciding whether or not to carry on with their recording studio — while their Dad, Zeek, is struggling to stay in the world. Big struggles, little struggles — life’s a conundrum.

As Parenthood’s wise mom, Camille says —

Life is short. You cannot know how impossibly fast it goes by.

Shouldn’t we all try to hone in on our passion while we’re here? Shouldn’t we make the most of the time we’ve got – and even try to enjoy it along the way? And not make molehills into mountains?

Whether we’re gonna fly or not might not really matter.  Building a cocoon, relishing the cozy and trying to make a go of it might just be what it’s all about.

I’m not sure how it’s all gonna turn out, but —

Stay tuned…



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