Facebook Fan Page = Bad Timing?

My number's missing zeroes

My number's missing zeroes

My Facebook Fan Page

Makes me feel a little–


I don’t get why it’s a good idea to have a Fan Page now at the lowest point of my career–

At least it feels lowest.

Oh no! What if it gets lower than this?

(help save me from total embarrassment and pu-leeze become a fan)

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5 responses to “Facebook Fan Page = Bad Timing?”

  • Vic:

    I think it’s hard to get things going….you just gotta hang in there…it will turn around!:)

    Best of Luck Evie!

    ….I have an award on my site for you….;)
    .-= Check out Vic´s latest: Oh, I’m Happy Alright =-.

  • I am totally becoming a fan! And when you’re a huge A-List Celeb I can be all like “I was her fan she was at her lowest, yeah, I’m that cool”

    Can’t wait to see you in movies!

    • Evie...:

      Can’t wait for that to happen. I’ll try to remember to include in my Oscar speech — “Thanks to all of the people who believed in my, and I mean you, Katherine.” ahaha!

  • Well, if the Fan Page comes along at your lowest point, then at least it can only get better from here?

    Just offering a silver lining and all.
    .-= Check out nicopolitan´s latest: Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program =-.

    • Evie...:

      You inspire me to be more silver lining-ish and that’s a really good thing. Thank you!

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