End of Summer — (but I think I feel hotter)

feeling half-glass full

feeling half-glass full

Another summer OVER.

Can I say the same for my professional Dry Spell?

Man, I hope so!

I really motivated myself this summer so I’ll be ready to ROCK the GUEST ROLE AUDITIONS this Fall. I need to be in front of the camera so everyone will remember what I can do – what I can be. Call it “prepping for PILOT SEASON.”

Summer Finds and Finding Myself

Spent the summer working on my inner and my outer — coaching actors, TA-ing at an Acting School, doing a small part in an Indie for a friend, and slimming down with the best discovery – my Yonana machine! It’s my version of a juice cleanse – but it tastes like ice cream, or sorbet, or Italian ice (depending on the ingredients). I can’t say enough about this fab find. My favorite combos are Peaches & Vanilla Yogurt Yonanas or Pineapple and Coconut Milk Yonanas. I got the bigger machine online from Bed Bath and Beyond –Yonana Elite is 2 ½ times more powerful) — and my freezer is packed with mini containers of frozen fruit, yogurt and coconut milk (haven’t tried almond milk yet). Frozen super-ripe bananas mixed with nothing tastes exactly like banana ice cream. I could go on and on, but enough on Yonanas…

Josh (my agent) said I need to glam up more for auditions, so I went to Barneys where Patrick (make-up artist extraordinaire) did my face before my audition yesterday (sure, I bought a ton of make-up — but Patrick gave me great tips so I can do it myself from now on).

Then last night—

I got a CALL-BACK for a half-hour everyone watches. I mean EVERYONE!  My fingers and legs and all double body-parts are so crossed right now and even my horoscope is going my way —

Pisces: You will get the satisfaction of a small but significant breakthrough. Celebrate the first signs of change in a big way.

So even though it’s like a zillion degrees in L.A. right now,
for me it’s —

Good-bye Summer, Hello Opportunity!


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