My week ended positively Friday, with an excellent meet-and-greet on the lot. Excellent because we just CLICKED.

I didn’t try too hard, or second-guess myself while I was talking. It came out naturally. He had fascinating stories that built on what I’d just said (yes, he actually listened.) It felt like we were old friends meeting for coffee at Starbucks — or playing a really fun game of ping-pong that I never wanted to end. (Plus I bonded with his hilarious Assistant Kristen.)

The thing is, you can’t plan on clicking with someone. Can you?

CLICKING is organic

“Clicking” is kinda hard to describe, but you know when it’s happening and you know when it’s not. In an Audition, I definitely know if I’m clicking with the Casting Director or not…  (ugh! don’t get me started –- but do tell about your meeting horror stories in the comments.)

According to “Word – Tools  – Thesaurus”  “clicking” means —

become clearly understood or easily communicate or work together

It’s —

  • Inspiring
  • Interesting
  • Invigorating

And oh yeah, it makes you feel good too. Really good, right? Does this connect with you? Tell me about YOUR best or worst unexpected click with a comment.

P.S. You know I always reply when you comment!


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One response to “CLICKING”

  • I rckeon you are quite dead on with that.

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