BILLY & BILLIE Keeps Getting Better & Better

"stepping" into the unknown

“stepping” into the unknown

I never was a Neil LaBute fan before. Never-ever. I even gave away my NLB play tickets at the Geffen. He was too misogynistic for me, too cruel in his POV.

So imagine my surprise when I got sucked into the trailers for Billy & Billie. Yep, Neil LaBute tempted me with his half-cracked ROM COM about step-siblings who try to navigate their taboo romance. Awkward.

Yep, it’s Awkward. meets Modern Family —

And everything about it is Awkward! and Modern. It’s very real and really good,  starting with the casting and acting.  Adam Brody is the grounded, cool-but-hot Billy. If he were my brother, I’d be attracted to him too! Oh yeah!

Raunchy & Romantic —

Lisa Joyce is his sexy-but-slightly-insane step-sister, Billie. Joyce’s Billie reminds me of almost all of my friends right before they get their period. She blurts out uncensored thoughts constantly, never stopping to process. Billie is crudely charming, protectively daring and infuriatingly adorable.  So far B&B have been keeping their relationship a secret, but that’s about to change…

Snappy Sibs in a Sexy Situation —

Their unconventional relationship bounces back-and-forth between habitual-and-hot, depending.  It’s a hip, stylish production, with sluglines for easy tracking. I know I’ll be tracking Billy and Billie for as long as they’re together, which I hope is a long while, though I’m sure there will be many conflicts and mini break-ups throughout all of the humps and bumps.

Thanks for surprising me in a good way,  Mr. LaBute 😉 Please let me know if you decide to cast their French cousin Bee-Lee any time soon. I’ll start practicing my French,  just in case. Ahahaha.

J’aime regarder Billy et Billie! Oh yeah!

(Neil LaBute left a comment on this post!  Amazing, right?!  Check it out below.)


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2 responses to “BILLY & BILLIE Keeps Getting Better & Better”

  • Neil LaBute:


    thank you for your very nice and very thoughtful musings on the series BILLY & BILLIE. it’s always hard getting the word out about new work, so i appreciate your support and your willingness to be vocal about your praise. i will continue to try and delight/surprise you with the show and if we ever do the french cousin thing, i’ll let you know…

    thanks again and take good care!


    • Evie...:

      I’d love to read the script of the pilot — can I pretty-please get a PDF of it? Acting out all the parts in my living room would help me kill at my next audition. Thanks! And thanks for the nice comment! xo/evie

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