Am I doing this right?

Yes  it’s pretty easy like they said,
sure it’s kinda personal and even feels good sometimes, but there’s so much to be unsure about…

I hate not knowing.

I like to hear “cut, print it!” and “good work, moving on!” and even applause when we’ve got a studio audience.  But this is like acting in outer space.

Anyone out there?  (Gotta be, right?)

I gotta get itBut  I’ll get the hang of it, even without a director, or an audience, kinda like improv — you’re out on a ledge, you never know if they get it…
wanna be my scene partner?
(And where’s the script?!)

I’ve managed to learn on the fly before… that pretty much sums up my career to date!

So — uh — guess I’ll come back when I’ve got something to say.

(Did it feel like this when you started?)


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3 responses to “Am I doing this right?”

  • Evie:

    Uh thanks, fan. I think. BYE.

  • SNL fan:

    hey evei, saw your SNL last night online and it wuz funny. Did you get to meet Eddy Murphy or was he gone already, or whos that guy on the other show about the SNL show, did you meet him. How come theres no pictures of you from that here. Youtube linked me here so I thought there would be.

  • J.A. here!:

    You’ll be fine Evie, you always are.

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