2013-14 Pilot Season RECASTS: An EPIDEMIC?

Christina Ricci would've been great!

Why the rush to recast?

What the F@#K is going on with the daily RECASTS? It’s outta control! Apparently no one’s safe — even if your name is BIG. Execs who rushed to pull the trigger early can’t stop rethinking, reloading and making nervous ACTORS nervous-er!


NBC Comedy Pilot ‘Holding Patterns’ Recasts Role

Jane Adams Exits NBC’s Craig Robinson Pilot 

Christina Ricci Exits NBC Pilot ‘Girlfriend In A Coma’

Mercedes Masohn Exits ABC Pilot ‘Mixology’

It’s like getting the WORST FEEDBACK ever!!!

“Rising recasts” started last year, but now I feel like things are escalating. Blame it on TECHNOLOGY or JOB INSECURITY or the change from TESTING TO TAPING, or the rush to sign a BIG NAME without knowing if he or she is really right for the project. Not sure of the cause, but whatever

…it’s ANNOYING for Actors!

Used to be that when we were cast in a PILOT, we’d have a few months of living in the world of fantasy and possibility because most recasts happened after the Upfronts. Now —  almost as soon as we tell friends and family “I got it!” we’ve gotta turn around and break the bad news.

If you’re super lucky, like Majandra Delfino or Mandy Moore you book another pilot before it’s too late. But… they’re the exception.

Most Actors have to wait till next Pilot Season when it all starts again.
Kill me now!




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