ER Snafu – HELP!

Yesterday on my ER shift I almost go into cardiac arrest when I realize I’ve just fed a stack of crucial records for a critical Patient (currently in an ambulance speeding toward the ER) through the slot of a trash bin designated for shredding! In horror my eyes land on the big fat PADLOCK blocking my next move!  Nooooo!

Flash-back several minutes —

In the Waiting Room  Triage Nurse Anthony Chan, in his usual pissy mood, shoves two stacks of papers in my hands —

Personally hand this to the Charge Nurse and no one else, STAT! And stick these in the shredder bin. Within your skill-level, Volunteer?

I burst through the doors into Trauma, but the Charge Nurse isn’t there and no one knows where she is. I head toward the nearest Trash Bin to get rid of the other stack, but I run into Dr. A, who distracts me by making my heart beat faster (not my fault). Nonchalantly I slip the papers through the slot, flash him my killer smile and mosey on back to Triage…

I freeze when I spot Anthony Chan. F<#k!

I bolt back to Trauma, now fully aware of my f-up, and beg the clerk for a key to the intimidating padlock, but he hands me a phone number for the Shredding Service instead. Whaaaa?!  A company rep answers my call, listens to my saga, then proceeds to explain he’s in the Midwest. Midwest?! Nooooo! I’m in Los Angeles! I need someone in our hospital to come NOW! And not on a plane.

He puts me on “HOLD” and I experience heart palpitations as Paramedics rush the Patient in, and the Charge Nurse shouts  —

Anyone see the Volunteer?

What Do I Do Now?!

I duck down behind the counter, still on HOLD, mumbling “ohmigod-ohmigod” when —

Dr. A peeks over the edge grinning at me as I turn fifty shades of RED.

“You left these by the trash bin.”

I pop up —

I did?! Thank God! You’re amazing! I mean– thank you, thank you, thank you!

I dash toward the Charge Nurse and hand her the records, as Dr. A winks before turning the corner.

Phew! That was close!

Dr. A’s hotness climbs to an all-time-high!




Hurricane Harvey: How To Help

courage + resilience

Americans are experiencing a nationwide GULP!

It’s impossible to imagine what the victims of Hurricane Harvey are experiencing — losing loved ones, losing homes, losing everything, while courageously doing what they must to survive and help each other.

Hurricane Harvey IDs The Heroes Among Us

We’ll never be able to thank all of the brave men and women who are rescuing the elderly, the sick, the men, the women, the children, the babies, the most vulnerable, the pets…

life-saving basket

These floods of biblical proportions highlight HUMANITY at it’s finest. We all watch in awe as “The Courageous” risk everything to help those in need, regardless of color, race, religion or documentation.

We all can’t help but wonder —

“What if that happened to me?”

Ways to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Let’s send prayers and positivity and do whatever we can to help.

thankful hugs

All Hands Volunteers

American Humane

Austin Pets

American Red Cross


Direct Relief





Fun movies are back! Really fun! Movies that make you grin for 2 hours… make you wanna text your friends…make you excited to spread the word on social media.

For a while it seemed like movies were getting darker and more depressing — with overly-flawed characters fucking up, and endings leaving you wondering whaaaaa?

But now that the world is getting darker, films are lightening up and providing a much-needed escape from News that just gets more bizarre with every alert.

Meant to post about these two fab films right after seeing them opening weekend, but got busy-busy and kept putting it off.  Still they stayed with me.  So, here goes…

My two favorite films of 2017 so far are —


Edgar Wright’s passion project is totally in sync… the story, the music, the choreography, the cast to die for (Ansel Elgort, Lily James, Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx.) BABY DRIVER’S got everything going for it from A to Z: Action, Bank robberies, Car chases, Danger, Electricity… you get the picture . For me to love-love-love a movie, it’s gotta have Romance, and it’s gotta have Heart. BABY DRIVER has both! Plus it has chills and thrills!  I can’t say enough good things about this summer surprise. It’s a little bit unexplainable —you’ve gotta experience it yourself.



Speaking of ROMANCE, this is the awkwardest, charming-est, funniest true-life-love story of Silicon Valley star Kumail Nanjiani’s and writer Emily V Gordon’s up-and-down, culturally doomed, physically challenged love-connection. Hilariously written by the couple and produced by Judd Apatow, THE BIG SICK is fresh, funny and frustrating. By the end you’ll feel like Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter and Ray Romano are your own family members you’ll want to hug one moment, murder the next.

BABY DRIVER and THE BIG SICK are the kind of films I’d love to audition for, be cast in, see again for the first time… you get the picture… sigh…











I love living in L.A. I love seeing Independent Films on opening weekend with Q&As by Directors or Writers or Actors. These usually happen at The Landmark, Arclight or Sundance Cinemas on Sunset. And they’re easy to get into if you buy your tickets online in advance.

Just saw two good films, DEAN and BAND AID, each with Q&A’s led by a lead Actor who’s also the Director and the Writer of his/her film.

Demetri Martin (DEAN) and Zoe Lister-Jones (BAND AID) are the Triple Threats possessing talent that crosses over into just about everywhere. These Hollywood Hybrids have stick-to-itiveness, charisma and the courage to turn their dreams into financed films, Festival Darlings and films that open with Q&As in major cities.

Like me and most Actors (except for maybe Actors like Jennifer Lawrence and Dwayne Johnson) Martin and Lister-Jones became frustrated with a system in which Actors are at the mercy of someone else’s vision and conflicting priorities. Unlike me, they’ve got the balls to go all the way.

Demetri Martin is the heart and soul of DEAN

Martin is more than a Triple Threat, he’s a Quadruple! Yes, besides being the Director, Writer + Talent, he’s also the Illustrator of charming sketches that share the screen with live action and offer insight into the mind and mood of the main character, “Dean.” Martin’s very personal film is about loss, love and coming-of-age. He’s surrounded himself with a talented cast, including Gillian Jacobs, Reid Scott, Kevin Klein and Mary Steenburgen and has allowed them the freedom to do what they do best. The film’s got cool music and cool images. Martin tells his heartfelt story in a very funny and relatable way.

Speaking of relatable, that’s how I’d describe Demetri Martin. He’s hilarious, but never in that typically Stand-up Comic “ON” sorta way. His talent and humor sneak up on you. I loved hearing his stories about his trip to the East Coast to pitch Kevin Kline and how that meal changed everything — or how Martin struggled to stay in character on set when the next day’s location had just fallen through completely.

Zoe Lister-Jones’s BAND AID is about love, pain and rock ‘n roll therapy

BAND AID’S premise spoke to me immediately when I saw the trailer: “Young Couple (Zoe Lister-Jones and fabulous Adam Pally from The Mindy Project) starts a band and turn raw-and-real fights into songs to save a marriage.”

Lister-Jones is the Director, Writer, Female Lead and the actual, songwriter,  so she too is a Quadruple Threat. Kudos to Lister-Jones for hiring an all-female crew and for surrounding herself with smart Actors who are known for comedy, but can expose dramatic truths. Lister-Jones is one of the best parts of LIFE IN PIECES, but you can really see her incredible range and willingness to show vulnerability in BAND AID. Adam Pally’s really impressive in the way he does double-duty with his voice saying one thing, while delivering an even more powerful message with his eyes — particularly in the last Act. Keep Reading»


“trust me…”

Hollywood may’ve gotten a bad rap this past election year, but when it comes to negotiations, they’ve set a great example for “how its done.” After twisty-turny, last-minute negotiations, Hollywood is getting its happy ending!

Sadly, it’s not the same for Healthcare in America.  After yesterday’s vote, when many of the Congressmen didn’t even take the time to read the bill they rushed to vote on —

They Took The Healthcare Crisis off LIFE SUPPORT!

The CHARACTER of our COUNTRY has sunk to a new low as House Republicans (mostly white men) gloated in the White House Rose Garden after passing a bill that takes away Healthcare for Americans, but gives Tax Breaks to wealthy donors and big corporations.

Disturbing on so many levels, if you have something wrong with you, it’ll cost you a lot more per year to deal with it. For instance it’ll cost over 140K annually for patients with metastasized cancer (as if their problems aren’t already overwhelming enough.) And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Keep Reading»

Writer’s Strike 2017: Will They or Won’t They?

… when the contract EXPIRES!

Will Writers Strike?

I hope they won’t. Not after the long-term effects of the last strike. But I totally get why the WGA must fight for important deal points, just as SAG/AFTRA does to protect Actors. As the industry shifts from lengthy network series to condensed shows on premium channels (like HBO, Showtime) and streaming services (like Netflix, Hulu) traditional season orders get replaced with smaller episodes.  An insanely competitive field gets even more insane as the rules and opportunities change. Pay cuts result. Health plans become unhealthy (aka nearly bankrupt.) Writers and their families get SCARED.


They’re down to the wire. It’s hard to know which way things’ll go. The effect of any strike always casts a wide net: Producers, Directors, Actors and everyone on set from the DP to the grip loses work. Everyone who supplies that set loses business.  Opportunities shrink. Bank accounts dwindle. Still bills must be paid. Businesses must go on.

As an Actor I hope-hope-hope there won’t be a work shutdown, along with its inevitable domino effect. The last time there was a writer’s strike, reality shows started multiplying obnoxiously. The work that was around wasn’t polished and it showed. Even with the best of intentions, side-effects of a strike can be painful to many. Keep Reading»

I’m OBSESSED — Gotta get outta town

but, Jon — that was then, what about now?

I don’t even recognize myself. My brain has been invaded by CNN and I’m feeling a little insane. Gotta get out of L.A. and away from the NEWS. It’s on in the background at all times — day and night. It’s like I live at an old person’s place! But it’s my place. OMG!

The news is EVERYWHERE —

It’s on at the hospital… and it’s on at my dentist’s office… and where I take my care to be serviced… and in my car.  Oh. Okay, yeah, I can’t help myself. I feel like I’ll miss something — like the world coming to an end or the impeachment announcement. I really do need to experience the impeachment announcement IRT.  And I’m not the only one I know who’s suddenly obsessed with politics. EVERYONE I know is obsessed. OBSESSED! When it’s between Scandal and a real-life scandal, we now watch Rachel Maddow. It’s riveting TV. RI.VET.ING.

CDs can’t read your mind, or can they?

Meanwhile back to my So-Called Life —

I’ve been going through the motions with auditions where they’re uninterested in me and I’m uninterested in them. With Casting Directors you can easily tell. It’s all in their body language.  Like it’s probably in mine. I know, I know. But…  I’d be psyched for challenging projects…exciting projects… projects that would make me feel proud to be an Actor. But those are few and far between. At least for me… these days.

Nothing WOWs me lately. Dr. Crush called me twice and texted me three times last week, and I didn’t feel nervous at all. No butterflies. I feel like I’m living in a fog… Keep Reading»

Sentenced to volunteer at Greater L.A. Medical (GLAM!) Hospital... I'm on-call in my worst nightmare -- ?!
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