Civil Unrest, Women’s Rights, and Environmental Concerns ROCK ON

dust, dope and delirious fans!

Wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Desert Trip (“Oldchella”) with the average age of performers teetering on 72, ahaha. I wondered if it’d feel like an oldie-but-goodie weekend where you feel kind of depressed watching wrinkled, balding performers go down memory lane, weakly. But it wasn’t like that – not at all! I didn’t get to stay for Roger Waters because I had to be at my part-time job Monday morning with Dr Frankenstein, but for me the big three were —

Mick Jagger, Neil Young and Paul McCartney

Who knows if it’s drugs or vitamins, but whatever they’re taking it’s working!  No wonder Mick Jagger, at 73, is about to become a dad again. He’s still got the moves!  McCartney and Young were clearly in the zone as they jammed on Beatle classics and a John Lennon Anthem! Yep, it was ROCK AND ROLL MAGIC at it’s very best! We (all 70,000 of us) felt lucky to be a part of it!

McCartney and Young jammin'

McCartney and Young playing their hearts out!

The more things change, the more they stay the same —

What got to me most in the listening to the songs, some of which were 50 years old, was how timeless, relevant and universal many of them were. The video/light show back-drops showed the same issues we’re still dealing with today: civil unrest, women’s rights, senseless wars, environmental concerns and homelessness. It’s sad. So many have lost their lives fighting for these causes, and yet, the need to fight is as strong as ever. We can never give up trying to solve the problems that seem unsolvable. We must always stand up for what’s just for everyone, regardless of color, gender or economic status. As Neil Young sings, we’ve gotta  Keep On Rockin in the Free World. 

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!”


48 Hours: The Positive Power of Courage, Vigilance and Teamwork

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-6-51-17-pmRandom acts of violence are frightening to all because… well they’re RANDOM.  So we feel POWERLESS.

Terrorism incites fear. Fear incites prejudice. Prejudice incites anger… it’s an ugly trajectory.  And when you think about it, it’s pretty similar to the response the Republican Presidential Nominee elicits.  As he mouths-off,  he incites fear… incites prejudice… incites anger… Thinking of him as our Commander in Chief is really SCARY!

But, if my mom were around she’d help me see the good that happened in the news-making 48 hours between last Saturday to Monday.  I know, I know… what’s positive about the acts of terrorism in New York, New Jersey and St. Cloud, Minnesota you ask?

It’s the excellent example set by everyday Americans who STEPPED-UP, SAVED LIVES and COUNTERED EVIL!  Americans of Different Ethnicities. Different Sexes. Different Economic Groups.

Heroes Among Us

A SHOUT-OUT to the BRAVE … Keep Reading»

What The World Needs Now Mr. Trump is EMPATHY

someones shoes

“EMPATHY” is this week’s buzzword for everyone except (ahem!) Donald Trump. To the shock and horror of the eloquent Mr. and Mrs. Khan (parents of the fallen U.S. Armed Services hero, Captain Humayn Khan) and other Gold Star Families, Democrats, Republicans-brave-enough-to-speak-out, and just about all compassionate Americans old enough to understand, there seems to be no end to the continual insults flowing uncontrollably from the big fat unfiltered mouth of TOUCHY TRUMP.

Trump is our MOST EMBARRASSING Presidential Candidate EVER!

Maybe Trump should try volunteering at my hospital for a crash course in Empathy 101, but there’s no way (NO WAY!) he could intelligently interact with the diverse population of patients and family members who freak out as they deal with physical and mental pain, while stuck in limbo, waiting…

Trump could learn a lot from our ER Staff though…

Boy, what I’d give to see our tightly-wound, uncompromising Triage Nurse Anthony Chan monitor King-of-Tantrums-Trump when his diarrhea-mouth attacks a stressed-out someone who accidentally pushes his buttons. Rule-stickler Anthony Chan may be small in size, but he’s big on principle. When Trump loses it, Chan will lash out at him, wash his mouth out with Purell and ban him from the ER. (Wish he could ban him from the U.S.) Keep Reading»

Scary News Alerts Suck!


more hugs less hate

more hugs less hate

The world is freaking me out! Anxiety levels are at an all time high. Between the pathetic and polarizing politics of Presidential campaigns, gun control debates and less-than-safe safety practices on college campuses, there’s no way to get relief.  Can you imagine being in Orlando right now with all of the tragedy? Haters of love, death at Disney World, a singer gets stalked:  Extremism, Alligators, Stalkers, Mosquitoes… it’s all too much.

Is Any Place Safe?

There’s no way to know what to be afraid of, so we might as well not be afraid of anything. I mean when Anton Yelchin gets killed in his own driveway by his own car, it makes you think why worry? We have no control.

Whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen. We can’t predict when or why. If it’s our time, it’s our time.

Making The World Better

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Exploiting Actors: A New Low

blinded to the lines

An alarming article, “Actors: ‘It’s So Easy to Exploit Them’ in the April 8th Hollywood Reporter sheds light on a disturbing and accepted new practice in our morally ambiguous industry. Actors are now paying thousands of dollars for the privilege of auditioning in front of casting directors — aka “taking workshops” — with ‘students’ “landing jobs everywhere from ABC to Hulu.”

According to the HR,

“More than two dozen companies offer more than 450 sessions of these “workshops” in a month’s span during pilot season – that many in the industry presume the practice is entirely aboveboard.”

Is The Casting System Ethically Sinking ?!

It’s not above board. In California exchanging money for the prospect of employment is I L L E G A L !

The Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act outlaws workshops and casting directors from charging or attempting to charge an artist for an audition or employment opportunity.

Why is Everyone Looking The Other Way?

Why isn’t anything being done? Why are SAG-AFTRA and the Casting Society of America powerless? Why are cost-conscious networks and studios cutting their casting allowances and allowing this illegal practice to flourish? Keep Reading»

PART TIME JOB with Dr. Frankenstein

my awesome new boss

my awesome new boss

Happy to report — I’ve got a new part time job! Yay! As I continue to pursue my ready-to-revive Acting career, I’m no longer forced to be an Uber Driver in L.A.’s gridlock (to make ends meet.) Volunteering in the ER is already starting to pay off in weird and unexpected ways because my new boss at Studio Beau Visage knows I’ll respect “patient confidentiality” and won’t blab about her A-List Clients who show up regularly to “renew, restore, rejuvenate” aka “look younger.”

I call her Dr. Frankenstein but her real name is Mila Morgan

Mila is super smart (obvi, she hired me.) She graduated Nursing School with honors, was a head RN at a Level 1 Trauma Intensive Care Unit (we bonded) and was offered a scholarship at Mayo Clinic where she did an anesthesiology residency (wow, a lot of credits!) Later she received a MA in counseling psychology, specializing in addiction medicine and that’s when she was introduced to Microcurrent Therapy because of good results with patients with depression and anxiety.

According to Dr. F —  Keep Reading»

Voices In My Head



Voices in my head keep….

  • interpreting warnings from CNN — scaring me about going just about anywhere, any day, any time —
  • repeating Trump’s boisterous blunders – reminding me that 40% of the population seems to agree with him —
  • warning me that newer, younger, hotter, blond actresses are now on the radar of the Casting Directors who used to champion me —
  • cautioning me that I don’t know how to do anything except for Acting, Volunteering and Ubering —
  • challenging me to be a little braver and collaborate on a short film or web series so I can gain control my own destiny —
  • reminding me that my life of not knowing isn’t nearly as bad as those of the patients who come into the ER and find out really big things to worry about —
  • channelling my mom and prompting me to find the funny even when it hurts.